Pre-Music lessons are appropriate for children ages 3-6, who can attend to task for at least 15-20 minutes.  A free evaluation is provided to determine readiness.

Pre-Music lessons are provided one time per week, for 30 minutes.  These lessons focus on learning the fundamental elements of music, including dynamics, tempo and pitch.  Students work to improve letter and number identification, to improve visual tracking, and to increase fine motor skills and finger isolation.  Pre-Music students are preparing for Traditional lessons.

Most Pre-Music lessons have a general music focus.  However, older Pre-Music students who have a particular interest in piano or ukulele may spend more time with these instruments.

By/at age 6, Pre-Music lessons are no longer appropriate.  At that time, students will move to either a Traditional or Adapted lesson format.

Pre-Music lessons cost $22.25 for 30 minutes..

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