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Music Therapy (MT) at MTEC is uniquely designed for each individual who utilizes our services.  Whether receiving MT in an individual session or a small group, our clients' needs and strengths are thoroughly assessed.  Treatment is designed to address the non-music goals and objectives of each child or adult.  MTEC music therapists treat individuals with a wide variety of diagnoses and needs.

“Music therapy gives my daughter the opportunity to express herself using instruments creatively. It is an amazing way to incorporate many goals such as turn taking, following instructions, social goals, speech, language and communication goals. Music reaches my daughter.”

“The beauty of music therapy is that

the music hooks my daughter’s

attention – it gets her to attend (which

is no mean feat) and directs her attention to tackling her speech and OT goals without her even realizing it. The progress she has made from when she started with her music therapist (at age 3) up till now (at age 5 ½) has been tremendous. These positive changes that have affected every aspect of her life often showed themselves first in her music therapy sessions.”

"I believe in the power of music to both teach and heal. With the guidance of my daughter’s music therapist, she has been able to reach many of her goals: intellectually, emotionally and socially."

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