WEE GO Classes

WEE GO Together (WGT) is a 30-minute music class for children at least 9 months old, and less than 5 years old, with a grownup accompanying them.  Children under 9 months old can attend for free with an older sibling.  We provide a variety of exciting music-making experiences in our class, including singing, finger plays, bounces and tickles, instrument playing, and movement to music.  

Cost: $40/5-week semester

WEE GO Babies (WGB) is a 30-minute music class for children ages 3 months-12 months, with a grownup accompanying them. This class will give your infant an early introduction to music, and allow you and your little one bonding opportunities in a comforting and nurturing musical environment.  *Older siblings may not attend this class.

Cost: $40/5-week semester


2020-2021 Class Schedule

​*in-person classes

*limited to 5 children total

*limited to one adult per family

*temperature checks and hand washing upon entry

*adults and instructors MUST wear masks


9:00 am with Tara

10:00 am with Tara

11:00 am with Tara

12:00 pm with Tara


9:00 am with Jessica

10:00 am with Jessica

11:00 am with Jessica

12:00 pm with Sara

6:00 pm with Sara


9:00 am with Nina

10:00 am with Nina

11:00 am with Nina

12:00 pm with Nina


9:00 am with Emily

10:00 am with Emily

11:00 a.m. with Emily*


9:00 am with Sara

10:00 am with Sara

11:00 am with Sara

12:00 pm with Sara

6:00 pm with Sara


9:00 am with Nina

10:00 am with Nina

11:00 a.m. with Nina

*designates a WEE GO Babies class



Winter II - Open Registration


Winter II Dates

Mondays 2/15-3/15

Tuesdays 2/16-3/16

Wednesday 2/17-3/17

Thursday 2/18-3/18

Fridays 2/19-3/19

Saturdays 2/20-3/20

Spring - Open Registration

starts Monday 3/8 at 8:00 a.m.

Spring Dates

Mondays 4/12-5/10

Tuesdays 4/13-5/11

Wednesday 4/14-5/12

Thursday 4/15-5/13

Fridays 4/16-5/14

Saturdays 4/17-5/15




Facebook LIVE STREAMED classes

If you are not comfortable coming to in-person classes, we will be offering a LIVE STREAM only option.  Each instructor will live stream one class per week, and those purchasing this option will have access to all the live streamed classes, which will be able to be viewed at any time!  You must have a Facebook account to access this option.

$25/5-week semester.  Click below to register.

Interested in

trying a class?

*new families only

*one trial class per family

*availability varies based on open spots in current classes

*$8 per child

Register for a WGT class here:

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