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Wee Go Together!

You and music GO TOGETHER! During this 30-minute class, children ages 9 months to 5 years old will be introduced to a variety of music making experiences that will provide bonding opportunities for you and your child, social and cognitive development, and so much more! WEE  will learn, grow, sing, and play through movement to music, instrument playing, finger plays, bounces, and GIGGLES! Don’t miss out on the fun because… “You go, I go WEE GO TOGETHER!”

Cost: $45/5-weeks

Wee Go With Friends!

You and music and your friends GO TOGETHER! We are offering this class for parents who have children that are too old for wee go but still want to play and sing together this summer! While you and your toddler are enjoying Wee Go Together, your older child can enjoy and participate in dancing, instrument playing and more just a few feet away !  Don’t miss out on the fun because… “You go, I go WEE GO TOGETHER!”


Ages: 5 - 9, Cost: $45/5-weeks

Wee Go Babies!

“Music gives WINGS to the mind.” This class is not only for your baby to learn, grow, and develop, but also for YOU! The class will be 30 minutes of music making, playing, and bonding with your baby through a structured, FUN, and exciting music session. The last 15 minutes will allow you time to socialize with other parents in the program, learn how music can benefit your child through guided discussions and give your baby opportunities to play, crawl, or nap freely and safely. This class is designed for babies ages 3 months to 12 months. Older siblings may not attend this class.

Cost: $50/5-weeks


9:00 am with Tara

10:00 am with Tara

11:00 am with Tara

12:00 pm with Tara

Summer 1 and 2 Schedule


9:00 am with Janeen

10:00 am with Janeen

11:00 am with Janeen

12:00 pm with Janeen


9:00 am with Jessica

10:00 am with Audra

11:00 am with Audra

12:00 pm with Jessica


9:00 am with Sara

10:00 am with Sara

11:00 am with Sara/Janeen

12:00 pm with Maggie*

5:30 pm with Tara


9:00 am with Sara

10:00 am with Sara

11:00 am with Sara


9:00 am with Tara

10:00 am with Tara

11:00 a.m. with Tara*


9:00 am with Audra

10:00 am with Audra

11:00 am with Audra

*designates a WEE GO Babies class

ALL 11:00 am classes will be livestreamed



Mondays 5/22

Tuesdays 5/23

Wednesdays 5/24

Thursdays 5/25

Fridays 5/26

Summer 1

Mondays 6/19 - 7/24

Tuesdays 6/20 - 7/25

Wednesdays 6/21 - 7/19

Thursdays 6/22 - 7/20

Fridays 6/23 - 7/21

Saturdays 6/24 - 7/22


Interested in

trying a class?

*new families only

*one trial class per family

*availability varies 

*$9 per child

Trial classes available starting June 19th!

Register for a WGT or WGB class here:

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